In thinking about photography…….

In my initial days of doing photography, I struggled with putting my name on the pictures.  Even though I took the photo, I felt that I was taking credit for something that God created.  In my endeavor to give a name to my photography efforts, I realized a very special truth.  If we are focused on God, we will see his great works!  In photography, when  we look through the camera lens and we see the beautiful creations that God has made instead of a picture that we claim as our own creation.  In life, if we are focused on God….we also see his great works in our day to day lives.

Hence the name…Gettin’ Focused Photography….as I hope I am gettin’ focused with my photography and seeing God’s creations as I look through the lens of my camera….and gettin’ focused with my heart to see his great works in life as well.

I hope you enjoy these photographs of God’s awesome creations!!!

🙂  Jennifer